September 23, 2021
Speaker: Chief Clarence Louie,  Osoyoos Indian Band
Indigenous Peoples and the wine industry in B.C.

March 26, 2021
Speaker: Professor Esyllt Jones, Department of History, University of Manitoba
Carried Away: Forgetting and Remembering the Great Influenza Pandemic in Canada

November 2019
Traces of the Animal Past: Methodological Challenges in Animal History

September 2018
Women Warriors and National Heroes:  Global Perspectives

October 2017
Keynote Speaker: Charlotte Gray, Award-winning Author – “Canada at 150: The Secret Handshake”

March 2017
Keynote Speaker: Mr. Justice Murray Sinclair, Senator and former Chair, Truth and Reconciliation Commission speaking on Indigeneity, the World, and Canada

September 2016
Conference: Globalizing Confederation: How Governments, Nations and Communities Around the World Viewed the Emergence of Canada in 1867
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October 2015
Keynote Speaker: Richard J. Gwyn speaking on John A. Macdonald: The Good, the Bad, the Great
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September 2014
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Margaret MacMillan speaking on Canada and the Great War: Staging commémoration in new public spaces”

October 2013
Keynote Speaker: Dr. David H. Fisher speaking on Champlain and his Humanism. Dr. Fisher’s public lecture was part of a symposium on teaching for high school teachers and members of the LA&PS History Department.

November 2012
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alan Taylor speaking on Winning the Border: Settling the War of 1812

October 2011
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Gérard Bouchard speaking on State and National Myth. Dr. Bouchard was the keynote speaker of the International Conference on Canadian Political History entitled Transformation: State, Nation, and Citizenship. 60 researchers from Canada, the United States and Britain attended the 3-days conference.

October 2010
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Constance Backhouse speaking on Crime and Sexuality

February 2009
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ed Broadbent speaking on Individual Rights and Globalization

November 2007
Keynote Speaker: Dr. John English speaking on P. E. Trudeau and International Relations

March 2007
Keynote Speaker: Graham Fraser (The Commissioner of Official Languages). Dr. Fraser gave his lecture as part of Le bilinguisme au Canada:40 ans après la Commission royale sur le Bilinguisme et le Biculturalisme/ Bilingualism in Canada: 40 years after the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism Glendon College. 14 other speakers took part in the international conference.